Sunday, April 10, 2016

"Vegas at 50" Class of '84 Reunion!!!

Class of '84 making more fun memories together!
Here are some highlights of our 4 days together (only some, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...)
In Attendance: Ann, Marie & Buddy & Andrew & Zoe, Carrie, Nettie, Caroline, Jodi, Marcia & Paul, Kirstin & Leslie, Kim & Rick, Meg & Jeff, Annette & Imani & Mijiza, PJ & Keith, Tim & Veronica, Trish, Kathy, Dawn.

Wednesday: Arrival

Thursday a.m.: Welcome Breakfast at Hexx Kitchen + Bar

Thursday p.m.: Fremont Street Downtown Vegas

Friday a.m.: Various Outings (Hoover Dam, Red Rocks, etc.)

Friday p.m.: Class of '84 Reunion "Vegas at 50" Cocktail Celebration at Aria Sky Suites

Friday late night: After "sink" Party at Alibi Ultra Lounge

Wishing he was there: Greg!

Stay tuned for details on our next Class of '84 reunion!